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For years, no other brand has dominated all corners and angles of pop culture to the same extent as the Avengers. Originally, Marvel, the legendary publisher for Comics and Graphic Novels, which now became an iconic troop as a desperate attempt to preserve itself through a rapidly producing best-of his most popular series before the threat of bankruptcy. The plan of author Stan Lee and his colleagues went fully, at the latest since the late zero years, when the first Iron one was created the foundation stone for the gigantic epic, which today knows everyone as Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then, more than ten years have passed, a play record after another has fallen and heroes such as Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow and Captain America entered the cinema story.

From the canvas to the gaming platform

The Final Fantasy Measons of Square Enix finally help the avenues to the great appearance in the gaming. With titles like free-to-play Brawler Marvel storm of the superheroes and action game Marvel's Spider-you can of course you already play games that take place in the Comic Universe of Marvels Superhero. But Marvel's Avengers finally transports the unique style of movie blockbusters in playable form. All known members of the Avengers are represented in their movie incomplication. This means that Robert Downey JR Tony strongly lends his face, Captain America looks like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth's Golden lure himself in the game over the shoulders of Thor.

Marvel’s Avengers - ALL KNOWN DLC Characters & Release Windows!

A story full of action

But not only the figures are similar to those of their Hollywood representatives. The gameplay also leans against it. The action game Marvel's Avengers has both a campaign for single players and a co-surgical mode. The story begins on the so-called A-Day, a holiday in honor of the Avengers. Planned was actually the solemn opening of a new, with state-of-the-art technology from the house of heavily industries equipped headquarters for the superheroes. But instead, an unknown power falls over the earth. Worse nor: you want to announce the Avenger's himself the guilt for the disaster, which is why they must finally separate and scatter in all directions. Finally? Not, if you undergone something about it!

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